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chan▓dise shortag▓es."Local companies - "processing and compe▓nsation trades," w▓hich are La▓bor Intensive and Exporting Oriented stood at 2500 in ▓1998,  only 600 Dongguan fi▓rms remained in 2015▓, but they have been updated with plant robotics, advanced equipment, as well as automation▓ facilities for its industry transformation and upgrades. More manufacturing companies▓ in Dongguan ▓created their own brands, and have made tremendous efforts to break their▓ reliance on ▓the overseas markets. ;According to Do▓ngguan authority's data early this year, over 5000

of 7000 "processing with materi▓als or given samp▓les, assembling supplied components" companies tra▓nsferred into legal▓ person company,▓ 65% of which with▓ domestic business, 18.5% of them acquired or created their ow▓n brand. Yet at the bottom of the value chain of ▓OEM (original ▓equipment ▓manufacturing)▓ to channel, even t▓o top of Branding, besides marketing▓ and operatio▓ns skill to be enhanced, criti▓cal homework for China domestic enterprises is the "spirit of craftsman▓ship" that must take "made in China" as a philosophy fr▓om heart, rather than just a

slogan; compare▓d with machin▓es that are "▓Made in Ger▓many",

ced into a

fashion "Made▓ in France", "Made in Italy", the processing o▓f branding ▓"Made in China▓" should be a long▓ journey for Chines

e SMEs. Technology innovation  Technology innovations offer people more convenience,▓ if it would benefit most people or parties, since

 companies are bringing new technologies to citiz▓ens. The▓ "Internet + Trading" of e-commerce and "Interne

5, ▓43,684 workers w▓ere replaced by robots in Dongguan, as the local gove

rnment cla▓imed, which have bro▓ught costs down 10% down.Maijia▓omeng, Huizhou Mayor▓ said, "As far as so▓ciety is concerned, so▓me workers were laid of▓f, but it is helpful for enterprises to improve their competitiveness".Comp▓rehensive i▓nt